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ACTS Electric fills a void in the market for top-of-the-line and detailed full-service electrical contractors.  We specialize in building automation systems with attention to detail and aligning projects to our customers’ specific needs. 

With two Master Electricians managing ACTS Electric, we call on over 50 years of combined experience with Electrical and System Integration. 

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Stephan von Kalben is the owner of ACTS Electric.

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HVACs are complex systems controlling heating, cooling, and moving indoor and outdoor air in residential and commercial buildings. HVAC controls range from thermostats to complex systems within larger building automation systems. Vital parts of HVACs include variable air volume controls, air handler control, make-up air control, variable frequency drives, and building pressure control. ACTS Electric ensures HVAC controls are adequate, run smoothly, and do not waste energy.

Today, most people live most of their lives inside. Healthy Buildings affect physical, social, and psychological health.  Healthy buildings also integrate green factors by being resource-efficient and environmentally responsible. ACTS Electric supports the ventilation, humidity control, UV light technology, indoor air quality, room pressure, and temperature control systems of healthy buildings.

Lighting controls are more advanced than a simple switch.  Flexible and automated lighting controls reduce energy costs and allow ACTS Electric to tailor them to your needs. Lighting controls can include timer switches, input dimmers, fan speed controls, occupancy sensors, relay panels, wireless controls, and distributed controls.

Security is vital in every business and industry. Security systems are more advanced now than ever.  Instead of an assortment of software and hardware that do not always communicate well together, ACTS Electric security systems are advanced and often integrated into building controls. Our security systems include state-of-the-art access control and intrusion detection.

Variable frequency drives (VFD) modify the airflow when attached to fans and HVAC systems. By varying fan speeds to predetermined setpoints, VFDs improve ventilation and maintain heating and cooling in zones. ACTS Electrical uses VFDs with HVAC systems to improve indoor air quality, ventilation and reduce maintenance. VFDs can also be integrated into building automated systems and create energy savings.

Effective ventilation control systems are a crucial part of HVAC systems to manage temperature and indoor air quality. ACTS Electric ventilation control system monitors track humidity, thermostat settings, and indoor and outdoor temperatures. It is then determined how much fresh air is needed and how long to run the ventilation system for a steady supply of fresh air without a negative impact on the indoor air quality. Ventilation systems are vital for levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and biological particles. Enhancements to scrub ventilated air include UV light and cold plasma technology.

Building analytics gathers data from building automation systems installed by ACTS Electric. The data indicates the condition and performance of infrastructure systems such as HVAC, ventilation, lighting, security, and plumbing.  Continuous overwatching of the system allows for accurate cost analysis, reports, and smart alerts to faults in any system.

HVAC systems are the largest source of energy consumption in commercial buildings.  Increasing energy efficiency requires making HVAC systems more energy efficient. 

Ventilation, heating, and cooling on demand for varying zones and times make HVAC more energy efficient.  ACTS Electric are the experts to bring high-end energy efficiency to HVAC systems without sacrificing comfort. ACTS Electric adheres to ASHRAE Guidelines for high performance and energy savings.

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