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Save energy with flexibility & automation

Lighting Control

reducing energy costs

reducing energy costs

Lighting Control

Lighting controls have progressed beyond being able to turn lights on and off with a switch. ACTS Electric offers more flexibility and automation to reduce energy costs in lighting controls. 

Lighting controls can include timer switches, input dimmers, fan speed controls, occupancy sensors, relay panels, wireless controls, and distributed controls. Lights can be designed to fit the unique needs of every residence and building.

Stand-alone lighting controls refer to controls linked to a fixed group of lights, typically in a single room. Although the controls can be switches, sensors, or timers, each one needs to be manually adjusted at each location. ACTS Electric regularly installs stand-alone lighting controls. These are simple to fit and install with concentrated wiring and are cost-effective.

Often, lighting controls must be integrated into the building automation system (BAS) controls because BAS manufacturers do not include them. ACTS Electric seamlessly integrates lighting control into the existing BAS controls with devices and services and ensures that the systems communicate. BAS control integration may be straightforward or complex. The experts at ACTS Electric handle even the most sophisticated integrations. The integration adds energy savings, cost-effectiveness, and custom controls.

Metering is the measurement of electricity, steam, natural gas, or water used in buildings.  Meters are vital in determining adherence to building operating plans and other monitoring. ACTS Electric aids in cutting energy consumption and costs associated with lighting, HVAC, and miscellaneous plug loads. Plug loads include appliances like printers, coffeemakers, and computers and make up nearly 40% of energy consumption for most buildings. ACTS Electric recognizes energy codes now require plug load control to reduce energy consumption and achieves this through occupancy sensing controls, scheduling, or signals from building automation controls.

ACTS Electric offers modular applications for lighting control. Every building has individual lighting control requirements and needs, requiring unique system capabilities. Modular applications for lighting controls permit clients to pick and choose specific abilities to fit their needs. It is a more cost-effective option instead of all-inclusive systems with unnecessary modules. ACTS Electric clients get precisely what they need with lighting control modular applications.

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