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protecting what's important

protecting what's important


Security systems should be as valuable as what they protect. There are few things more important than security for any business, no matter the industry.

ACTS Electric are the security experts you need to protect what is most valuable. Where security systems should be as valuable as what they protect, traditional security systems are a patchwork of hardware and software that do not always work well together.

ACTS Electric 24 hour security systems use high-quality products that offer sensor-supported, data-driven performance, resources, and support to meet even the most complex security needs. Security systems can work with building automation systems or stand-alone security systems depending on every individual business’ security needs. It is vital to stay ahead of risks using strategic methods and proactive approaches to security. Criminals and threats are constantly evolving. 

ACTS Electric security systems grow with the dangers and function as businesses grow and expand. The investment of an ACTS Electric security system protects businesses now and in the future.

Access control is one of the first lines of defenses ACTS Electric in security systems. It is more than locking and unlocking doors.  Access control can monitor logical access to computer networks, system files, and data. It can also control physical access to buildings, rooms, offices, etc. Access control can control the entire building or limit access to specific spaces. Identifying everyone entering your facility and thorough reporting helps employ effective access management. Access control integrates with intrusion detection systems.

Intrusion detection is a vital part of ACTS Electrical security systems. Intruders present a variety of security threats from theft, vandalism, sabotage, hold-ups, illegal occupation, and other criminal activities. Quickly detecting unauthorized entries enables prompt security measures to prevent any loss, either silent or perceivable alarms. Automatic detection of intruders is possible through devices, organizational efforts, and controllers by monitoring changes in motion, room noise, shape, position, pressure, and temperature.

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